The Beard Styles That Has Everyone Head Over Heels (2021 Edition)

The beard has been getting popular with each passing year till the COVID-19 hit when CDC's infamous infographic was reported wrongly saying bearded men had more chances of getting the virus. But working from home let men choose their grooming standards, and beards came back much stronger and now occupy more fashion trends than anything else. Men knew then that nature should take its turn and corporate grooming should stay out. Being a man is to have a beard which now in 2021 is stronger than ever, with our list mentioning the best beard styles of 2021.

 The Beard Styles That Has Everyone Head Over Heels


A Beard – The Look You Need In This Era

The facial hair for men is there for a reason if everything else is about evolution; a man cannot be without a beard; it was meant to be there by nature, though it needs washing with a beard wash from time to time. Wearing a beard since 2019 has been supported by many a celebrity facilitated by lockdowns for regular men. People have seen more stubbles these past two years than probably a decade.

But the 2021 man doesn't carry a lumberjack or a heavy biker look. They feel more comfortable with a trimmed and styled beard presentable beard that has brought more stability with the help of a beard balm and calm demeanor to most men. The 80s era presented the polished beard sophisticated look since the 80s for 40+-year-old men who had immense experience under their belts which showed in their radiant classy looks and personalities and primarily the reason people carry a bear as that which doesn't kill you makes the stronger and wiser.

The Hot Beard Trends in the scoop

Trim Wise – A properly trimmed beard shaping up with your face type brings out the masculinity that makes men sexy and powerful. Women love a strong and stable man who can love them, cherish them, support them and protect them.

Color the Rainbow – Now, colors are becoming more for pride and always has been used in one way or the other, but it is now commonplace to give you that graceful look and sense of comfort supporting your personality.

Stubbles – As short as it can get, it still gives you that scruffy look carried well by the likes of David Beckham and ever Zac Effron, is still the natural manly look. If you have a proper beard hairline, go for it.

Verdi Look – Dedicated to the Italian composer, this beard is long enough to be carried when trimmed and styled well; supported by a good long mustache brings out the look that gives off a distinguished look and personality of a strong and grounded man.

The Takeaway – Don’t Miss It To Regret It!

Beards are to stay, whether anyone likes the new look or not. Men want to be men without a beard, or shaving off natural hair is not manly, the looks of it at least. If you have never had a beard and never let it grow past the stubble stage, you don’t know what you are missing. You’ll thank us when you have tried it yourself.


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