How Long Should The Ideal Beard Be – An Elaborate Guide

Since the dawn of civilization, Beard has been a critical component of a man's personality, especially among clergies and clerics. One reason for having a beard is that religious men grow their beards to signify their nature and closeness with the Almighty. The second important reason is to instill fear and intimidation in those who oppose strong men. This doesn't hold any longer, but the lockdowns have created a renaissance of beards all over again, and the question arose, how long is long enough to grow and keep a beard. Let's find out.


How Long Should The Ideal Beard Be – An Elaborate Guide 

Combatting Some Beard-ish Myths

While we are talking about the length of a beard, you would be surprised to know that while a popular belief that beards grow within a few weeks, it takes around a year to grow around 5.5” and that too heavily depends on genetics. Another unfortunate image created a myth that beards do not get you jobs, and all easterners with beards are Taliban. You'll observe this is not the case in restaurants and other places while the Talibanism myth is subsiding as people are growing more aware of the propaganda.

Scrutinizing the Beard Phases

The first month is the most difficult as you're becoming more conscious of hair getting longer and adjusting to it, but the self-awareness of the Beard as your extension brings a realization to be a grounded person. That's when the second phase comes in to start grooming and maintaining it. Growing and grooming past the first stage makes you learn about the seasons that affect your growth, and you get to know the four phases of beard growth in scientific terms. Once you know, you are on the right track.

Your Ideal Companions in Beard Growth

Oils, creams, balms, and a healthy diet along with a good sleep cycle are your best friends. A beard balm can condition your hair while giving you a darker look, and a beard wash is also recommended to provide that softness for your Beard for the best grooming and combing.

Factors Having an Impact on Your Beard Growth

Seasons changing harm your Beard, don't forget to apply oils and eat supplements to improve the growth and reduce the fall.

How Long is HOW LONG?

The length of the Beard is firstly your choice, but it inherently depends on your face shape, for example, oval faces have all the fun and keep any style and length while men with a round face need to keep it close to give their face and appearance an overall long enough outlook.

The Bottom Line: It Pays Off In The End

Grooming your hair regularly is the most crucial aspect of keeping a beard as; what is the use of growing hair if your Beard doesn't enhance your personality. Initially, it isn't easy, but if you find a good source of information and a good barber, you're set on a beautiful, healthy beard.


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