How to Tame Your Luscious Mane – A Detailed Guide

Men and women can have luscious manes, meaning they both should be able to take care of their hair, as evidently, they are the same hair. While women are very particular about their hair and go at great length to keep them healthy and luscious by caring for them with lotions and going to the stylist and eating healthy, men, on the other hand, normally have a hands-off approach and aren't bothered much about them. Not today, as we discuss keeping well-kept healthy, and smooth-smelling beards, the hair that makes them look manly.


How to Tame Your Luscious Mane – A Detailed Guide

Choosing the Beard That Works For You

Your face shape is very important when choosing the style of the bear. Beard styles can make or break your personality, and why not? As the past decade has seen a return of bearded men and that too in ample amount. Let your beard grow for a month at least as this will clarify the density of your hair, and only then does your face type come in, for which we have the following pointers:

  • It needs to be as oval as possible, considering your length and width under the chin.
  • An oval face can grow most beards.
  • The round face needs a smooth cut beard giving it the extended length
  • Rectangular faces need to keep it short so as not to make you look longer and skinnier
  • Square is a classic manly look that needs a closely trimmed beard


Shaping the Beard

Before any trimming starts, you want to know how to style them with the beard for your face type. Start by applying oils and butter to make the hair smooth for sculpting and combing the way it will lay the way it will. You'll need to line the top side of the bear right on the cheek, which connects from your sideburn to your mustache. Some use rulers, some trim everything excess of the main beard growth to achieve a curved or straight line. Old school barber used scissors to trim while now mostly use a trimmer to shape outward hair.

Some men use blow driers to smooth out their beards, while others use gels to give them a shape and beard balm can help. In some cultures, oils are excessively applied to give them shape after combing in a certain direction.

Caring for it

  • Washing it daily, occasionally using shampoo and a cleanser, like a beard wash shampoo
  • Use beard oil to keep it hydrated and soft while helping skin underneath by massaging
  • Combing is necessary to keep it clean and smooth
  • Trimming regularly to keep the look
  • Clean up your neckline
  • Keep a healthy and active lifestyle

The Bottom Line – A Beard Demands Your Attention!

If you have decided to keep a beard, you should be proud of yourself as keeping it looking good and healthy is a feat in itself. Beards have been kept for ages and are a sign of strong men, where most religious men have always carried long beards as a devotion to their faith. Even in wars, beards gave men the grizzly look of a behemoth of a bear to inflict fear on their opponents. A warrior was rarely seen without one. Keeping care of your beard is as important as taking care of your health as it directly affects your health.



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