• The Problems With Hair Dye That Stains

    The Problems With Hair Dye That Stains
    When you’re walking through the haircare section of a store, you see all these different black male hair dye that shown men with dark hair. However, these dyes can stain your skin. What’s worse is, the skin is a lot more sensitive on your scalp and face than other parts of your body. When the hair dye dries on the skin, it’s difficult to...
  • What Is Biotin?

    What Is Biotin?
    Everyone is looking for the magic formula for hair growth, but sometimes it's just right to go back to the basics. If you've ever heard of keratin, you'll know it's the protein that helps make up your nails, skin, and even hair. Keratin is found everywhere from your glands to your internal organs because it is a protective protein. It's a relatively stable protein...
  • How Collagen Can Improve Your Hair

    How Collagen Can Improve Your Hair
    Collagen is found everywhere in your body from your skin to your tendons. Your body usually does an excellent job of creating its own collagen, but sometimes you need supplements or topical products. When you think of collagen, you think of its benefits for your skin, but did you know it has benefits for your hair?   Your hair is made up mostly of...
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