Your Guide to Controlling White Hair

Over time, one of the major issues that we as individuals often face is the whitening or graying of our hair. Now, despite the fact that white hairs look exemplary, at times, they might still prove to be a nuisance for some people. In addition, white hair also happens to be an issue if it is incurred in younger men and women as opposed to older individuals.


Controlling White Hair

Before knowing how to combat white hairs, it's imperative to know about the major white hair causes. Some of the causes have been listed ahead.


Why do we get white hair?

One of the age-old questions is "What Causes White Hair?". However, the answer is very simple. The primary white hair causes range from vitamin deficiencies to stress and genetics. Nonetheless, these causes may vary from person to person. 

The main cause for white hair is old age. When individuals start growing old, their hairs start losing melanin. The hair follicles also end up losing their pigment cells with time, consequently leading to white hair in men.

Environment factors leading to white hair

White hairs aren't just caused by individuals growing old. They may also be caused by certain environmental factors. For instance, when people smoke a lot in their earlier years or aren't wary of their diet, their hair follicles grow weak and start losing their luscious black color.

The key aspect to note with regards to white hair caused by environmental factors is that it might still be reversible. Keeping this in mind, you can reverse the damages that have been done and be able to restore your black hair only in certain scenarios.

How can you tackle stubborn graying hair?

When we refer to any solutions regarding curing and or reversing the graying of hair, there may be some you can implement. Albeit – it may be important to note that white hairs caused by genetics or old age, in general, are irreversible. This indicates that no solution other than dying your hair would work for you.

On the contrary, if your hair has turned gray due to smoking or not following an adequate diet plan, there might be some hope after all. To reverse the damages, consume a high-protein diet that ensures you consume all the nutrients you need. A few products which we do recommend here are Leave-in Darkening Beard Balm and the Gradual Gray Darkening Beard Wash, which are outstanding in combatting graying hair.

Premature hair graying vs. graying hair with age 

When it comes to the graying of hair, there's a major difference between premature hair graying vs. the graying of hair with age. Premature hair graying is when your hair starts turning gray before you reach an older age. This may be common in younger men who smoke or lack vitamins in their diets.

On the other hand, graying hair with age is completely natural and simply a process of life. It's also noteworthy that the graying of hair caused by age is completely irreversible. Once your hairs lose out on melanic, they can't recover their color back.

The Bottom Line: Eliminating White Hair Is Just a Step Away! 

Nevertheless, if you face the issue of white hair, be sure to consume lots of whole foods and avoid smoking. Stress is also a major cause of white hair, due to which it must always be taken into account.

It's imperative that you follow these simple steps in order to maintain the color of your hair before it's too late.

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