Dark Hair Beard or Gray Beard?

The age-old question for aging men is if they should have a gray beard or a dark hair beard. Some have a combination of dark hair and gray beard, and some want to color and darken both their beard and hair. While a gray beard looks good on some men, it's a sign of aging that many men want to avoid, so let's look at why a dark hair beard is better than a gray beard.


Dark Beard or Gray Beard


One Less Sign of Aging


Having gray hair, especially on a beard, is a daily reminder that you're getting older. You used to wake up in the mornings with plenty of colors on your beard. However, the years are catching up to you, and you don't want to be reminded of that. Other signs of aging include wrinkles, crow's feet on the eyes, and weakening joints, but at least you'll look great in the mirror.


Women Love Darker Hair


Women love darker hair on men because it’s a perception of youth. Some may like gray hair on men, but dark hair is generally viewed positively and considered more attractive. A quick look through different women’s blogs and their views on hair, many had a preference for darker hair, but that’s probably because of the next point.


Dark Hair Helps Build Confidence


Darker hair is associated with masculinity. When you peak in the mirror and see yourself with darker hair, you'll have an easier time feeling and acting confident. This confidence follows you wherever you go. Hair color has long been linked to confidence. The first thing many men or women do when they're not feeling very confident is reaching for a new hair color. 


If you're looking for a dark hair product for your gray beard, try Menfirst BEARD BALM. It is a leave-in conditioner that naturally darkens the hair without harsh chemicals.

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