How Collagen Can Improve Your Hair

Collagen is found everywhere in your body from your skin to your tendons. Your body usually does an excellent job of creating its own collagen, but sometimes you need supplements or topical products. When you think of collagen, you think of its benefits for your skin, but did you know it has benefits for your hair?

 How Collagen Can Improve Your Hair

Your hair is made up mostly of a protein known as keratin. For your body to produce keratin, it needs a certain amount of amino acids, many of which are found in the collagen your body produces. When you're using topical products such as MenFirst Darkening Beard Balm, your body is getting the collagen, it needs to create more keratin.


Not only does collagen help your body produce keratin, but it can help protect your hair follicles against damage by free radicles as well. That's because collagen has antioxidant properties that help your body fight off the oxidative stress caused by environmental factors such as air pollutants or unhealthy dietary choices. When your body is unbalanced with free radicals, it can cause several health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. However, these free radicals can also damage your hair follicles, which produce gray hair, thin hair, or complete hair loss.


You don't want to have to reach for male hair dye because they're generally full of harmful chemicals. You need to reach for a product that helps naturally darken gray hair containing a healthy amount of collagen to keep your hair strong and healthy. 


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