Is There A Better Way To Darken Male Gray Hair Other Than Dye?

It's hard to look in the mirror and see gray where dark and confident-looking hair once stood. However, it's tempted to run to the store and grab a box of dark colors, but they can be tricky. You might see a handsome man on the box's cover, but results may vary for some people.

 Is There A Better Way To Darken Male Gray Hair Other Than Dye?

Most of the time, your hair will not come out looking as it does in the box. You might finish dying your hair, then look at the box and realize you look nothing like that. The hair dye box doesn't care if someone is hypo-allergenic, has a sensitive scalp, or anything that makes the body not react poorly to their harsh chemicals, but what is there to do besides hair die?


Hair Darkening Pomade


Yes, you heard that right, hair darkening pomade. It's like two products in one. The pomade gives you a suave and sophisticated look while it darkens hair instantly. It doesn't take a lot as other pomades do. Imagine being able to slick back your hair only to see a handsome man with dark hair through a hand wave.  You open the pomade and rub some of the hair darkening pomade into your hair.  The ingredients in this pomade attach to the hair fibers instantly and darken white and gray hair.


Using a hair darkening pomade means you don't have to worry about putting harmful dye in your hair. You can style it as your hair is darkening for a night out, an important meeting at work, or catching up with a friend. Having darker hair will help you build confidence in any of these situations, so why not try for yourself? You can find a whole range of similar products at MenFirst.



Menfirst Hair Pomade

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