Kit 1 Reactiv + 1 Beard Wash Dark Shades

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Reactiv Color: This semi-permanent hair dye kit provides better gray coverage for natural-looking results. The moisture-rich formula with aloe vera and protein locks in color and leaves hair soft and healthy-looking. 100% compatible with Menfirst Gradual Gray Products.

Long Lasting Hair Color for Men: Dark and Natural 5 Minute blend in hair color works in 5-8 minutes and lasts for weeks or longer with the use of Gradual Gray products, providing natural-looking gray coverage for men with an ammonia-free formula.


Gradual Gray Darkening Beard Wash


Add more pepper to your salt with Menfirst’s Gradual Gray Darkening Beard Wash. Specially formulated to target white or light gray hair on men’s beards, this beard wash acts like a shampoo for your beard and will leave your facial hair darker, fuller and just a little bit softer. After 4 weeks you’ll notice a significantly darker beard and years’ younger look on your face.

Achieve natural-looking darker facial hair using our Gradual Gray Beard Wash.

Here at Menfirst, we have created what we call the Gray Darkening Technology and use it in all our products, including the Gradual Gray Beard Wash. Unlike other beard color darkening shampoo in the market, the Gray Darkening Technology doesn’t require chemical oxidation, which can irritate the skin. This technology features instead the use of cationic pigments, which harmlessly cling to hair fibers and naturally darken the strands over time.

Apart from hair darkening, the Gradual Gray Beard Wash is formulated to soften and thicken your beard, giving you a fuller, younger and more sophisticated look. With ingredients that harsh chemical free instead of chemical-induced beard darkening, this beard wash will gradually turn your coarse, light-colored facial hair darker without drying it out.

What’s more, the Gradual Gray Beard Wash is infused with jaborandi, guarana and coffee. These natural ingredients are known for cleansing the hair, rejuvenating your beard and mustache and leaving them naturally smoother. In addition to these natural ingredients, we have also enriched our formula with biotin and panthenol, helping bring volume, hydration and shine to your facial hair.

The Gradual Gray Beard Wash is paraben-free, sulfate-free and SLS-free, so you can wash your beard with greater peace of mind!

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