KIT - Gradual Gray Shampoo & Wash Beard & Darkening Pomade & Beard Balm Kit & Brush

$95.00 $70.00

All you ever need to get rid of your grays and look sophisticated immediately!

Try our BRAND NEW "NO MORE SHADES OF GRAY KIT” that includes Gradual Gray Shampoo, Beard Wash, Darkening Beard Balm and Instant Darkening Pomade.  It has everything you need to keep your beard and skin looking good and sophisticated while darkening  your grays. 

The Gradual Gray Shampoo will clean, condition and continuously darken your hair with every wash.  The Beard Wash gently cleans to remove dirt, debris and sebum without stripping the beard of natural oil while darkening your grays.  Top it off with Menfirst Darkening Beard Balm to keep the stray hairs tamed, deep condition all day, and makes your beard look darker, healthier and fuller!  For the Final look - Finish off with the POMADE that give instant gray coverage while you style your hair.

1 - Menfirst Gradual Gray 3 in 1 Shampoo - Cleans, Conditions and Darkens your gray hair with every wash. We are NOT a DYE we are a SHAMPOO with CLEAN ingredients.Our product is sulfate free & paraben free and helps repair and nourish your fibers for stronger, fuller and darker hair. Gradual Gray Shampoo is perfect for any hair and its clean formulation will not harm your hair in any way.

2 - Menfirst Gradual Gray Darkening Beard Wash - It cleans, darkens and thickens your beard for a more sophisticated and fuller look. The  ingredients found in Gradual Gray Beard Wash promotes optimal darkening fixation to white coarse facial hair without drying it out. 

3 - Menfirst Darkening Hair Pomade - Is a black pigmented styling paste that instantly darkens white and gray hair. In addition, dark or black hair looks more intense. The wax-like paste controls rebellious and frizzy hair and provides a medium hold.  Promotes semi-dry and natural looking finish.  

4 - The Darkening Beard Wash and Darkening Beard Balm will give you gradual and continuous gray reduction while used together. 

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