Our Story

We started Menfirst
with a simple goal:

to make the world more handsome and confident by providing the best ingredients you can look good and feel great about. Our mission is to support men at all life stages so that they can age gracefully with timeless sophistication and effortless coolness. 

Our company is founded
on the belief 

that we all deserve first class products. Action is our first instinct, always using the best ingredients first and putting our client’s needs first.That is how the name Menfirst was created.  

Our Values

We are a hair care company built on these values:


We ensure product effectiveness. Our products do what we say they do.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

We believe in dreaming big; dreams that get us outside our comfort zone.


We evaluate all ingredients for safety, keeping in mind those especially vulnerable and men with highly- sensitive skin.

Continual improvement:

We continue to pursue self-development. We never feel like we have arrived. No matter how successful one might be, there is always room for improvement.


Our products are manufactured from advanced formulas using the latest technologies, ingredients and processes.

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