• Gradual Gray Shampoo

    "Have only been using it for a little over a week and my hair is quite darker and I love it.

    I wet my hair - use a quarters worth - leave in for 5 minutes while I shave - then jump in the shower and clean up.

    I just bought another one because I don't want run out."

    - Neil Brown (Suffern, US), Verified customer

  • Gradual Gray Shampoo

    “This product has really helped me with my white hairs. My hair looks normal without the extreme black look from other dyes.

    This product is easy to use and use it daily. Just let it sit for 5 minutes while taking a shower and rinse. Absolutely love it!"

    - James Oliver (New York, US), Verified customer

  • Beard Wash

    "I've decide to try it with my boyfriend's beard and worked fine.

    After 2 weeks his beard went darker and still looks natural.

    Very good product!"

    - Alexsandra (Orlando, US), Verified Customer

  • Gradual Gray Shampoo

    "My hair Turns darker and darker in every wash without allergies and side effects.

    Better than competitor 5 star shampoo!"

    - Henrique Pinto (Miami, US), Verified Customer