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Easy to use and works great!

Love MenFirst shampoo. Easy to use and really keeps my hair color in a place I like without looking like I am dying my hair. Even my hair stylist has commented she could not tell I was using a product to "wash out" my grey.

Gradual Gray Darkening 3-1 Shampoo

Awesome product

It took longer than 4 weeks but my beard was WHITE. Once it began to darken it looks awesome now. Even your closest friends won't notice because it's a very gradual and natural change

Darkening Hair pomade performance

Great, it works perfectly fine on my hair and I like it.


It works, but it takes a while for it to work so I’ve been using it now for about three or four months starting to serve results

Gradual Gray Darkening Beard Wash

Menfirst Shampoo Brush Soft & Flexible Silicone Bristle

Works great doesn’t look fake

Too early to tell

Send me the review in 30 days, I’ll let you know

I am not giving a review because I have asked several times about how to apply shampoo and I cannot get an answer.

Fountain of youth

My girlfriend loves it as do I but she thinks it makes me look twenty years younger.


Just enough color to look natural...doesn't get rid of all.gray, but covers most. Great product!

Discrete and smooth

I am using it 2-3 times per week to have a smooth transition in hair color. It is working well and no sudden change in appearance.

Caesar review

This product is very easy to apply and my beard does appear to darken. Your fingers must be washed immediately due to temporary stain.

I really like that it covers the gray and it does not cause my skin to break out in a rash and burn

Great product

I’m impressed with what it’s promotion advertising states it does.

Reactive color semi permanent hair dye

Great and fantastic as it’s work 100 percent perfect. I have tried many others but I can confidently tell’s you there’s non like it . For me this is my final bus stop for solutions to my grey hair.

Return Your Natural Hair Color!

My hair started to turn white in patches. With just a few applications of Menfirst, my hair is back to its natural color and the texture over all is much better. Thank you so much Menfirst!

Great product. It works.

Beard wash

Excellent Way to gradually darken beard in only seconds with no mess

Great even color

Enjoy the gradual color. No one is able to tell I'm darkening my beard

Hair Darkening Shampoo

I am 58 years old and Gradual Gray Hair Darkening shampoo makes me look so much younger and makes me feel so much better.

Love this product

I use this daily and it returns my hair to it's natural brown color. It's super easy to use. Couldn't be happier. It does exactly what it claims to do.

Seems to work

I've been using it for a month or so and it seems to gradually darken. It's not a drastic change but it seems to be slowly working.

Menfirst Beard wash

Excellent product. Works as intended! I used the Beard wash as directed, and over a few weeks my beard turned from mostly white to a perfect salt and pepper George Clooney look.

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