Thanks for being a Menfirst customer! Now that your hair is getting darker we want to make sure that you can continue to show it off! Our Menfirst Assistant will guide you through claiming the free gift.

No Shipping Charges | No Hidden Fees | No Credit Card Required

* Conditions Apply: Limited to one free Menfirst product per account. The offer is only available for customers that purchased Menfirst product at full price through our website or through our official seller at To qualify, participants agree to send us their experience with the previously purchased product that they have been actively using for at least 15 days. This offer is not dependent on leaving a review on any place nor the quality or manner of feedback that you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it REALLY free? Or do I have to pay?

There are absolutely no charges. We're not asking for your credit card details at any point. There's no trick, no subscription, no hidden fees, no shipping fees. We cover all the costs. This is TRULY FREE.

What's the CATCH? Do I need to do something?

The only thing we ask is that you send us your experience with the Menfirst.

What are the CONDITIONS to qualify?

The offer is only valid for customers who purchased Red Tonic at full price at our website or You also need to use Menfirst for atleast 30 days before sharing your experience.