What are the best foods to eat and avoid gray hair

We know that genetics greatly influence the appearance of gray hairs. However, there are other things that can make a difference, such as smoking and stress. So, for those who still don't have that many gray hairs and haven't considered the possibility of letting them expand throughout their head, it's possible to postpone this transformation.


Health Foods

One of the best strategies is to consume proper foods, which can correct certain nutritional deficiencies and help to slow down and even combat the presence of gray hairs. This is due to the supply of some vitamins and other nutrients that the scalp needs to keep the hair with its natural color for longer.

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Seeds Oil

Seeds Oil


The famous oleaginous foods are rich in magnesium and vitamin E. These are almonds, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, and many other similar types of nuts. Almonds and walnuts contain omega-3, which are important for the health of the whole body and are rich in copper, which contributes to the production of melanin in the hair, which allows the presence of natural color for longer.

Vitamin E is responsible for nourishing the scalp and helping to maintain more nourished and healthier strands. Magnesium, also abundant in seeds oil, is essential for hair growth and overall health, helping to reduce the risk of scalp calcification.

Green leafy vegetables

green vegs

Green vegetables, especially darker ones, are perfect for slowing down the aging process as they are packed with vitamins B9, B12, C, and copper. Together, these nutrients strengthen the blood, helping its circulation, which is essential to prevent hair color loss and hair loss in general.

Therefore, you can use and abuse large leafy vegetables, such as Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, and cabbage, which are essential, especially for those who are adept with vegetarian food. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, many of which are extremely beneficial for hair.

They are also made up of iron, vitamin C and A. It is interesting to clarify that iron transports oxygen to the hair follicles, vitamin A helps maintain the natural oil that protects the hair, and vitamin C involves the hair against free radicals.




Who doesn't want to keep their hair strong and beautiful for their entire lives, right? Well, to do so, always try to ingest appropriate amounts of protein, which you find in legumes. The options are varied: peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans and their extensive varieties.



Açaí has numerous benefits for the skin and hair, including good protection against the dreaded free radicals, as well as reducing scalp inflammation and nourishing the strands. And, in Brazil, we have the advantage of being able to enjoy açai bowls on virtually any corner.


Consuming the fruit naturally or through juices is an excellent way to fight hair loss as well. The substance responsible for this is linoleic acid, present in the grape seed.


Avocado is rich in fatty amino acids and helps hair strands retain water, which ensures more beautiful and healthy locks. Not to mention the pleasure of eating the fruit as a dessert, guacamole, on toast, diced to add to salads or mixed in a delicious shake.


Mushrooms have generous amounts of copper, an essential nutrient to help with melanin production. Its consumption also helps to produce vitamin D and selenium, which are two substances that are highly effective in combating the effects of aging.


Rich in omega-3 and selenium, the two substances keep the hair healthy and vibrant, and also contribute to hormonal regulation.


For those who are not vegetarians, eating chicken guarantees protein and vitamin B12, which helps nourish the hair and help maintain its natural color for a longer period of time.


Another source of nutrients for those who eat meat, beef liver contains several nutrients that favor the health of hair strands, such as vitamin B12, copper and iron. It’s even used to treat anemia.

As you can see, the list is long and quite varied. Therefore, to keep shiny hair strands healthy and strong, the best care is found on your table, in the vegetable garden, and in the orchard, always with balance and diversity.

But if you want a little extra help, scalp exfoliation is good for getting rid of dead cells and encouraging further growth. In addition, a shampoo suitable for your hair type complements the care like our Gradual Gray 3-in-1 Shampoo.

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