• What Is Biotin?

    What Is Biotin?
    Everyone is looking for the magic formula for hair growth, but sometimes it's just right to go back to the basics. If you've ever heard of keratin, you'll know it's the protein that helps make up your nails, skin, and even hair. Keratin is found everywhere from your glands to your internal organs because it is a protective protein. It's a relatively stable protein...
  • Is It Possible to Naturally Darken A Beard?

    Is It Possible to Naturally Darken A Beard?
    If you haven’t noticed, then you may be surprised, but it’s true–hair color continuously changes throughout your life, even while you’re young. The most obvious color changes occur in your older years. Similar to eyebrow color, it’s common for men’s beards to be a slightly different shade than the color on their heads. If you’re looking to change your appearance, dyeing your beard is...
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