Is It Possible to Naturally Darken A Beard?

If you haven’t noticed, then you may be surprised, but it’s true–hair color continuously changes throughout your life, even while you’re young. The most obvious color changes occur in your older years. Similar to eyebrow color, it’s common for men’s beards to be a slightly different shade than the color on their heads. If you’re looking to change your appearance, dyeing your beard is a great way to change your look.

Naturally Darken A Beard?


Is your beard lighter in color or starting to turn gray? Are you worried that dye will make your beard look artificial or irritate your skin and hair? Try naturally darkening your beard hair! We offer ways to darken facial hair to help your beard appear thicker and more natural using products that aren’t harmful to your body.

Darken Your Beard Naturally

There are many reasons why men choose to darken their beards. You may want to help your manly mane appear thicker than it actually is. Perhaps you need help concealing visible patches of skin poking through your beard? Many men find that dyeing their beards naturally improves their confidence and appearance. Darker beards tend to look more natural and intentional. No matter your reason, wanting to darken facial hair is completely normal. Using natural products to dye your beard will prevent damage to your skin and hair. There are many natural methods to darken facial hair that show great results.

Moisturize Your Beard

Moisturizing daily can soften your skin and beard hairs. Dry beards can cause irritation to your skin, causing it to itch and flake off. Locking in moisture into your hair follicles improves your hair health, which will be reflected in your overall appearance.


Unsure of what to put into your beard to prevent it from drying out? Beard oil is a common method men use to darken facial hair. Beard oil strengthens the hair and adds a pleasant aroma to your beard. Investing in a high-quality beard oil will moisturize your beard and darken it naturally. In order to get the best results, apply beard oil after a warm shower when your hair is slightly damp. The warm water will open your pores and allow the oils to penetrate deeper into your hair follicles.


Be cautious of the sun's rays when you’re outside. The sun naturally lightens hair and can dry out your beard hair. If you use a hair drying or straightener on your beard, make sure you don’t overexpose your hair to too much heat. Overexposure to heat strips the oils from your hair and makes it look thinner than it actually is. Keep up a daily moisture routine to nourish a healthy beard.

Groom Your Beard

Styling your beard is an effective tactic to cover any visible patches in your beard. Make sure you are properly grooming the hair around your face. Daily maintenance will prevent the hair from tangling. Entangled hair creates a patchier, lighter-looking beard. Combing your beard once a day will prevent knots and split ends from forming. Style your beard in a manner that compliments your appearance and provides the outward look of a fuller beard.


If you aren’t sure what look to go for, a barber will be able to help you create a personal look that is comfortable, and stylish. Brushing your beard hair inwards towards your face helps create a darker, fuller-looking beard. If you have short facial hair, growing out your beard is a great way to naturally darken your scruff. Beards initially appear rather light in tone until their growth reaches a certain point.


As more hairs increase in length and combine together, the appearance of your beard becomes thicker and darker. If the hair on your head is naturally darker than your beard hair; growing out the hair on your head will give the impression that your beard is darker.

The Powder Method

Have you tried the powder method of natural beard darkening before? A natural and organic method of darkening your facial hair involves applying coffee to the hair follicles. Apply a mixture of brewed coffee and beard conditioner to recently washed beard hair and mix until evenly distributed. Your beard will be noticeably darker for about a week.


Additionally, you can crush black walnuts into a mixture that can darken your facial hair after 20 minutes. Be sure you wear gloves to avoid staining your hands while creating the mixture. Cocoa powder can be transformed into a paste that will create the appearance of a darker beard after 15 minutes. The longer you wait before washing the cocoa and coffee off your face, the darker your beard will be. After washing your face, make sure you gently pat your face dry with a towel.

Styling Products

Beard styling is similar in method to hair styling products. Styling products designed for beards are typically made of wax and conditioner. What makes them unique is the strong grip they offer. The application of beard styling products allows men to brush the hair on their face more shapeable. Arrange your facial hair to lay more flat to create the appearance of a thicker beard. Beard styling products provide a matte finish that will help your beard look darker.

Try Beard Fillers

Beard fillers are products like pens, pencils, and hair fibers designed to conceal the patchiness found in beards. Beard fillers come in a variety of shades to naturally fill out your facial hair. If you are looking to darken your beard alongside increasing its visual thickness, pick a shade that is a color or two darker than your natural hair follicles. Apply in thin coats until you reach your desired appearance.


Pen and pencil fillers are generally waterproof and will prevent smudges. Begin by contouring the shape of your natural beard. This will create the structure of your beard. Lightly stroke the tip of the pencil along the outline of your beard. Make sure you are following the natural direction that your beard grows. Pen beard fillers tend to last longer than pencil fillers, so keep that in mind.


Fillers are generally safe to use on the face and create the visual trick of a thick, and darker beard. Try different types of beard fillers together to create a natural look. Beard fillers are effective at enhancing facial hair that is already grown. It’s important to remember that beard fillers are a temporary solution to lighter beards, and are not the same thing as beard dye.

Darken Your Beard with Natural Dye

Beard darkening via products is an effective way to get results. Gradually darkening the hair around your face can be as simple as adding one more step to your morning routine. Darken facial hair with a darkening beard wash. Similar to hair-darkening shampoo; apply this naturally darkening beard dye to your facial hair. This beard wash will not only darken your beard but will also make your facial hair look fuller and leave your face feeling softer. This product is in medium brown to black and light brown to blond hair.


Unlike other facial hair products, this beard darkening wash is made without chemical oxidation. Utilizing cationic pigments that don’t damage the hair follicles or irritate the skin. It’s infused with natural ingredients that cleanse and rejuvenate the hair around your face, adding that important step of moisture to your daily routine. The gradual gray darkening beard wash is a simple and effective way to gradually darken your beard.


Another beard darkening product is leave-in darkening beard balm. This facial hair balm conditions your beard and creates a subtle darker look as you naturally darken your beard hair. The clean ingredients in this product will protect your scruff from drying out. Not only will this leave-in beard balm darken your facial hair naturally, but it is also easy to apply. Spread and rub a small portion of the product between your fingers before applying it to clean and dry facial hair. Make sure you are using a comb to evenly distribute the product from the root to the tips of your hair.


The best part? Since we don’t use harsh chemicals in our products, your fingers won’t be stained by the balm. No longer do you have to wait for the dye to take effect before leaving your home. Simply apply this balm for immediate results. The leave-in darkening beard balm is perfect when paired with our darkening beard wash, and can be found at a great deal in our Goodbye Gray Beard Kit. Natural beard dyes are a long-term solution to darken facial hair with ample results.

Look Your Best to Feel Your Best

While you can’t change the genetics you were born with, cosmetics today offer a great variety of solutions to darkening beards naturally. Remember that appearance and confidence go hand in hand. Taking care of your beard and overall appearance is a physical expression of self-love. Protect your hair and skin by using natural hair darkening products that guarantee great results. If you’re a man looking to darken your gray hair, we provide high-quality beard darkening products that will help you look and feel your best out in the world. Get started today!

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