New technology - Men hair dyes with gradual effect

Developed especially for a more  youthful demanding public that looks for a  differentiated look and does not want traditional Men hair dyes, this new technology Shampoo proposes to tone the hair gradually, hiding little by little returning the color of each hair leaving them with a natural appearance, without revealing a transformation from day to night. 


New technology Men hair  dyes with gradual effect


The application of the product is done while showering, very simple, just like a normal shampoo. These shampoos are for those who do not have much patience to color their hair whenever the white strands appear and look for something more practical. 

Gradual gray Shampoos are recommended for the following type of person:  

The darkening shampoos with gradual effect are recommended for those who want to keep the color of the hair darker without using a dye. Men who want to hide the first gray hair can also bet on the product, since it darkens their hair, but saves it from a permanent dye. 


This type of Gradual gray Shampoois also well recommended for those who have other types of chemical in their hair, as it does not harm the strands and rekindles the color of dyed and / or faded hair over time.  

Gradual Gray shampoo can help!  It's a shampoo that darkens your white hair with every wash.  Giving you a gradual and natural looking results. 

Dermatologist Tested - Hypoallergenic - Paraben and Sulfate Free.  A Shampoo with clean ingredients - Pro-Vitamin B-5, Keratin Complex and Collagen.  It strengthens and darkens your hair at the same time. 


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