Is it normal for beard color to be different from hair color?

Is your hair blonde but is your beard red, or is your beard blonde and hair brown? Finding men with a beard tone different from their hair color is very common. It seems to be more common than having the hair tone to match the beard color. Sometimes this phenomenon is very noticeable but it can also be very discrete, with just a few rebellious strands. But why does this happen?


Is it normal for beard color to be different from hair color?

The reasons are varied, and it occurs with most men. They range from genetic aspects to sun exposure. Some really appreciate this difference and see it as an extra charm, which makes this type of beard a highlight in the look. But if you want more clarification on the subject, follow the post and check it out!

What is the reason for the color difference?

The groups of hair on our body have differences in texture, color, shape and growth rate. For each of these types there is a specific function, and they are all distinct from the hairs on the head.

At the root of each strand of hair there are cells called melanocytes, that produce the natural pigmentation of the strands, known as melanin. It is this substance that gives color to hair, and beard. Therefore, there are basically two types of pigments produced by melanocytes:

  • Pheomelanin: responsible for the lighter color;
  • Eumelanin: produces the darkest tones.

They are produced together, only the combination of each one of them and the quantity varies. Considering that the beard differs from the hair, the combination of pheomelanin and eumelanin can vary as well.

What about the white beard?

Over time, it is natural for the production of melanin throughout the body to reduce. This is an effect of aging and, thus, the hairs gradually lose the ability to maintain their original color, until they become completely white.

Therefore, everyone ends up noticing the changes in beard and hair color. But each gene has its variations. In some people, the hair turns gray earlier than the beard, and the opposite also happens.

And redheads, are they mutants?

The red strands of hair and beard really have a differential in their constitution. They suffer from a kind of genetic mutation called MC1R. In addition, the carrier of this gene may have two of them mutated or only one. This difference accounts for two types of red bearded people:

Just the red beard

If you're one of those who only sport a red beard, it's a sign that only one of the mutated gene types is at work. You may also have random red hairs or hairs all over your body, including parts of your beard or the entire beard.

Full red

This differentiated individual has both types of MC1R genes, that is, red hair and, moreover, a beard in the same shade, just to match. But it is still possible for different reddish tones to occur. It is estimated that between 1% and 2% of the population has this peculiar characteristic.

Is there any other influence on beard color?

The variation in beard tone can also happen with exposure to the sun. As with hair exposed to the sun, beard strands can also become lighter, as if they have faded.

Another factor that can change the color of the beard is a poor diet in nutrients. This tends to leave your beard dull and lacking in volume, meaning your beard is what you eat or drink.

Change color or not?

That depends a lot on each one. If you are bothered by the difference in beard and hair color, why not give it a try? What if it gets interesting? In any case, it is advisable to look for a qualified professional to make this color change.

It is important to remember that the dye applied improperly can damage the strands or cause some irritation to the skin of the face, which is more sensitive than the scalp. So, take good care of this detail.

At the end of the day, the color of your beard, whether it matches your hair or not, doesn't really matter. What really makes your beard an item of charm and beauty is daily care, hydration, good nutrition and cleaning. This care is what will always leave your beard beautiful, healthy, shiny and voluminous.

And your beard, is it different from your hair? Does that bother you? 

Gradually darkening the hair and beard color

Yes folks! This kind of technology is already a reality. The Menfirst Products are created with Gray Darkening Technology, which features cationic pigments that darken the gray through a harmless fixation to the hair fibers and not by chemical oxidation.

Check this out for yourself. Visit our website and read more about this technology!

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How about a dark mousse..pomade to heavy for me….?
Mike sumner
How about a dark mousse..pomade to heavy for me….?
Mike sumner
How about a dark hair light mousse..pomade to heavy for me

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