How to grow a beard the right way

Having a voluminous beard is the desire of many men, but it lets the wires grow, requiring certain care. It is a choice that can even cause genetic factors and other setbacks. However, if that's your will, it's even worth considering the opportunity of looking for a specialized professional to minimize possible and make healthy hair growth possible.

Beard darkens

In addition, some must be transformed, finally, growing a beard becomes a hobby for many men, although it requires time and patience to reach the ideal. And, understanding the process in this sense, learn here, how to grow your beard following some tips!

Firstly, cultivate patience

The beginning of your journey begins with the abandonment of the razor blade for a considerable time. From that point on, your beard hairs will start to grow according to your personal skin and genetic characteristics. Therefore, speed and volume vary from man to man.

During the process, it is possible that your beard will appear flawed and sparse. When this happens, you can adapt the format and shape it as needed. In addition, as we have already said, the help of a dermatologist can be very useful and more effective in understanding the best care you can take, adapting it to your needs.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the wires

Like the scalp, the beard accumulates waste throughout the day, such as body secretions, contact with food and other external factors. Therefore, hygiene care is essential to keep the hair healthy, trying to wash the area well after waking up, in the shower and after meals and physical activities.

Avoid the habit of scratching

It is very common for the beard to itch when it starts to grow, but try, in any case, to avoid the temptation to scratch. Nails can promote ingrown hairs which, in addition to irritating the skin and causing pain, can hinder the growth of the hair.

Therefore, the use of before and after shave products are indicated to promote a feeling of comfort for a longer time, avoiding discomfort.


How to grow a beard the right way


Trim the hairs

Growing a beard requires attention and constant work, so don't let it grow haphazardly to the desired length. You need to trim your neck and cheek hairs and pay attention to the loose hairs and sides often enough to give it the best shape for your face and beard type.

However, the way to make these trimmings depends on the growth and size of the beard you want to have. Shorter beards require constant maintenance at least every two weeks. Longer ones may take longer to trim, i.e. between three weeks to a month.

But, it is recommended that at the beginning, you go to a barbershop until you have the shape of the beard, and reach the desired point.

How to grow a beard the right way



Try to comb your beard

Try to keep a comb handy and use it often so that the hairs stay in line. This habit can ensure a more presentable appearance for the face, as well as helping with growth.

Use shaving oil

Beard hairs are already thicker and drier than hairs from other regions of the body innately and, when they are shaved, this characteristic is reinforced. This is explained by the type of skin on the face, which cannot hydrate the beard strands evenly, thus facilitating more brittle and dry ends.

So, look for a shaving oil suitable for your beard. This type of cosmetic has adequate consistency to form a thin layer that allows contouring and delineating the hair. This helps to trim and shape the hair, as well as hydrate it.

Given these suggestions, you already have a relatively simple script to grow and shape your beard, according to your characteristics. Whatever your beard type, there is always a way to keep it beautiful and healthy, just take care of it.

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