How to dye male hair that is short?

Coloring the gray strands of hair and keeping it looking good and natural between cuts can be challenging. Men usually tend to wear short hair on average less than an inch long. 


How to dye male hair that is short


After about a month, the roots start to appear and, especially if you wear short hair, you are likely to end up with gray sides and a dark top after a haircut. 

With the trend in the market, the coloring of male hair is no longer a taboo amongst men; resulting in various new products for male hair. This practice is becoming increasingly common for men looking for a more youthful and modern look, hiding unwanted white hair.  

So, how to dye male hair? 

The most common coloring procedure for men is, in fact, to disguise the white hair - much more than the coloring itself. The disguise gives a much more natural appearance. 

Menfirst developed Gradual Gray a clean, safe and easy to use shampoo. Covering the right amount of gray without drying your hair. It is a shampoo that cleans, conditions and gradually darkens your white hair. As easy as replacing your Shampoo  

Gradual Gray Shampoo contains protein complex of keratin, pro-vitamin B5 and collagen to protect and rejuvenate hair. As it does not cover 100% of the threads, it always maintains its natural and younger looking appearance. It is not a dye and the white strands will gradually and progressively darken. 


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