How often should men wash their hair?

This question didn't always exist, after all, it wasn't long ago that men started to take care of themselves as much as women. But today things have changed and men are also concerned with their physical well-being and body aesthetics.


Therefore, knowing whether or not to wash your hair every day is a very pertinent question, especially for those who have frizzy, dry hair that is difficult to straighten. After all, is it true that washing your locks every single day dries out the hair more, causes breakage, and contributes to hair loss? Stay with us and find out!

Can I wash my hair every day?

Hair experts claim that washing your head daily, with suitable, quality products and specific to your hair type does not cause any harm to the strands or the scalp, whatever the length or type. What you can't do is keep the scalp dirty with pollution, accumulated sweat, grease, wax, leftover gel or ointment.

These impurities clog the root and harm the development of the threads, contributing to the fall and formation of dandruff. And, yes, it causes the type of hair loss not associated with heredity. In this case, inflammation of the scalp occurs due to poor hygiene.

And wash without using shampoo?

It is the same as not washing, as the action of water alone is not enough to clean the scalp. Thus, all the residues mentioned above remain in the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to shampoo the scalp at least once a day.

In the case of dry, curly or frizzy hair, if it is not dirty or sweaty, washes can be done every other day and just once, as it is not necessary to repeat the wash, as recommended by most shampoo packages. Hair of this type is naturally more vulnerable, so if there is nothing to justify washing, it can be spaced out.

What about the water temperature?

Water temperature is also a very important factor for cleaning hair. Pay attention to this, as the water cannot be hot. Another detail is to avoid sleeping with wet hair, as this can cause seborrheic dermatitis, fall and opening of the hair scales, which contributes to the removal of the cuticle from the rods. This makes the strands more prone to split ends, loss of shine and dryness.

The controversial ingredients of some shampoos

They are the famous sulfates contained in the formulas of various shampoos, especially the cheaper ones. And this happens due to the high cleaning content of these products and the most common is sodium lauryl sulfate.

They are chemicals that eliminate the natural oiliness of the threads, leaving them more dry. Therefore, drier hair asks for sulfate-free shampoos, as they are softer and clean as well as others.

But don't be fooled into thinking that oily hair is free from the aggressive action of sulfate. In this type of hair, the rebound effect occurs, that is, the scalp interprets that the natural oiliness has been removed and starts to produce more sebum. As a result, the hair becomes even more oily. So, keep an eye on the product label.

Choose a suitable shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type is essential for maintaining the health of your hair. Today, there is an infinity of products from different brands on the market, with specific formulas for all types, from the most rebellious to the most oily. If you use the right product, a huge part of your hair problems will be solved.

But with so many products on the market, getting confused is normal and if this is your dilemma, ask your hairstylist. This is the first and safest source to understand the best way to take care of your locks.

Use conditioner

Finally, very dry hair can receive a good conditioner or a leave-in after washing. And, in order not to overload the scalp, apply the product only to the length of the hair, avoiding contact with the root.

Now that you know how and when to wash your hair, it's easier to look for the best solution for your case, isn't it?

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