Benefits Of Guarana For The Hair

If you've ever looked at energy drinks or sports drinks, then you'll notice most of them contain guarana, but what is it? Guarana is a seed that has double the caffeine typically found in coffee seeds. While caffeine is good for perking you up in the morning as a stimulant, can it stimulate your hair?


Benefits Of Guarana For The Hair 


One of the best benefits of caffeine is its potential for promoting hair growth. Caffeine helps improve blood circulation to the scalp that boosts the hair's health as deep as the hair follicles. As you massage hair care products that contain guarana into your hair, you can feel your hair follicles get stimulated as it receives a healthy blood supply. However, you don't want to go overboard with guarana. Caffeine, much like its ingestible counterpart, is excellent in moderation, but too much can cause adverse reactions. That's why it's essential to use hair care products that you sure contain a healthy amount of guarana like MenFirst Gradual gray Darkening Beard Wash.


Guarana helps fortify your beard while keeping it thick and healthy. Plus, there's the added bonus of keeping your gray beard naturally darkened without reaching for black male hair dye that ends up staining the skin around your beard while making it look unnatural. Don't settle for anything less than a natural look without any harsh chemicals and check out all the products available to have you walking around with confidence.



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