Kit Gradual Gray 3-1 Shampoo + Shampoo Brush Soft + Darkening Hair Pomade

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Treating the scalp is the first step in your hair care regimen.

Yes, really — scalp exfoliation and stimulation can lead to a healthy head of hair.
Menfirst Shampoo Brush is made with silicon bristles, specifically for lathering and exfoliating the scalp. Gentle spikes effectively scrub the scalp without scratching, which are flexible enough to move through the hair without tangling or pulling. 

Reduce the appearance of white or gray hair with the Menfirst Gradually Gray Shampoo!

This 3-in-1 formula not only cleans and conditions, but also gradually darkens gray hair. Thanks to our very own Gray Darkening Technology, the Gradual Gray Shampoo will leave your gray hair strands darker with every wash. Unlike other hair darkening solutions on the market, which uses chemical oxidation, the Gray Darkening Technology we apply in all of our products uses cationic pigments. These pigments harmlessly adhere to hair fibers and darken the strands over time, leaving you with natural-looking darker hair.


Darkening Hair Pomade

Every men's best friend to hide all your grays instantly!  Menfirst Darkening Hair Pomade is a black pigmented styling paste that instantly & temporarily darkens white and gray hair. In addition, dark or black hair looks more intense. The wax-like paste controls rebellious and frizzy hair and provides a medium hold.  Promotes semi-dry and natural looking finish.  Infused with vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. 

Color :
Medium Brown to Black Hair
Light Brown to Blond Hair
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