Light Shades Shampoo + Light Shades Pomade

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Menfirst Shampoo - Light Shades | The solution to your perfect gray hair reduction! 

GRADUAL GRAY 3 in 1 is a daily shampoo Light Shades that cleans, conditions and gradually darkens gray hair.  Formulated with the finest and clean ingredient foundation we call Gray Darkening Technology, which features cationic pigments that darkens the gray through a harmless fixation to the hair fibers and not by chemical oxidation providing long lasting and natural looking results. 

Easy to use, it’s a shampoo to reduce gray hair with benefits. The Gray darkening is gradual, so the daily change is subtle. Infused with Keratin Protein Complex, Provitamin B5 and Collagen that helps protect and strengthen your hair while darkening your grays. Gradual Gray Shampoo is paraben and sulfate free, so you can wash your hair with peace of mind. Menfirst shampoo to reduce gray hair does not use the chemical foaming agent SLS; if you'd like more suds from our SLS free shampoo, just use a few extra pumps!

We are NOT a DYE we are a SHAMPOO with CLEAN ingredients.

Our product is sulfate free & paraben free and helps repair and nourish your fibers for stronger, fuller and darker hair.  Gradual Gray Shampoo is perfect for any hair and its clean formulation will not harm your hair in any way. In fact, it strengthens your hair!

It is dermatology tested & hypoallergenic.  

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