Shampoo that darkens gray hair

Shampoo that darkens gray hair. Menfirst is a major achiever and category game-changer as no shampoo that delivers gray control exists in the hair care market that is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Menfirst’s Gradual Gray – 3 in 1 shampoo is the first-ever shampoo that gradually darkens gray hair with out the use of harsh chemicals resulting in a subtle, healthier and natural looking result.  Since Gradual Gray is sulfate and paraben free, users do not run the risk of fake looking results.  The team at Menfirst understands how important it is to use ingredients that do not stain the skin, cause allergies or dry out the hair.   

After two years of researching, Menfirst created Gradual Gray Shampoo that is made with an innovated gray spot technology that changes hair color by depositing natural pigments on the hair strands and not by chemical transformation.  These clean components help gradually restore pigment to gray hairs with each use while leaving hair soft and shiny.  Therefore, it can be used on any hair type even if it has been bleached or dyed in the past as there is no risk of chemical incompatibilities.



Different then your typical hair dye, this “clean shampoo” doesn’t require any extra work in your guy’s day to day.  They just need to replace their normal shampoo with Gradual Gray and will benefit from a clean, conditioned and darker look without the worry of damaging or drying out their hair.  It’s a shampoo guys can use every day until they achieve the look they want.  To make it even better, Gradual Gray Shampoo contains Keratin Protein Complex, Pro-vitamin B5 and Collagen that helps protect and rejuvenate hair. 


“Gradual Gray is ideal for a guy who is looking for a clean shampoo that will gradually reduce his gray hair without the risk of an allergic reaction or hair loss.  A shampoo that is easy and safe to use.” says Bea Nahuz of Menfirst brand.  “It’s a shampoo with benefits.”

Initially, Gradual Gray will be sold on the company’s website: Amazon, (or search for “Gradual Gray Shampoo” on, and at selected salons.  

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“I was skeptical at first but after 2 weeks of using the shampoo I’m a believer. The gray slowly started to match my natural black hair and because it was gradual there was not the negative impact a man may feel by doing a Big Bang approach to hair coloring.”

“Very good product! Within a few days, my white hair started to darken. Best part, without staining my skin and finger nails like the competitor. I am definitely coming back for more! Thank you for putting out there a great and safe product that works !!”


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