How to Dye Hair for Men

The Covid-19 quarantine has been an amalgamation of bad hair cuts and new skills. We’ve all made our fair share of mistakes, but when it comes to hair, some of our blunders might not be reversible. We’ve gathered all the experience and knowledge of these mistakes to ensure you don’t fall victim to such errors. The guide to doing so comes with a couple of precautionary steps in choosing the suitable hair dye for men, free of all chemical additives.

How to Dye Hair for Men

The Basics:

Dyeing your hair is a tricky process, and if not done right, it may land you with the thinnest hair. Not to worry, we’re here to help you out! Here are some tips and tricks to navigate you through the process, so you’re well on your way to having gorgeous hair in no time. 

When dealing with hair dye for men, it’s essential to select a transition dye that’s just right. Most men go for a more natural transition, either to cover their grey hair or to go for a fresher look. So while you select the correct color, the brand becomes all the more critical. Consider how long you want your dye job to last; going for a permanent hair dye is better than a semi-permanent hair dye if you want the effects to stay longer. However, using a darkening pomade is suitable if you want an instante and temporary twist in your styling routine.

Looking for a subtle transition to fresher hair?

If a subtle transition is what you’re looking for, Menfirst’s Gradual Gray Darkening 3-1 Shampoo is a good product to consider. Armed with clean  ingredients, this product allows for the gradual darkening of your hair. The hair darkens with every wash allowing for a more natural transition.

The product is Sulfate as well as Paraben-free, making it perfect for your hair.  Better then hair dye for men, Menfirst Gradual Gray Shampoo allows you to get used to the new color while staying away from harsh ingredients that damage your hair. The best thing about it is that the product not only cleans out your hair but it also conditions it as well as darkens it, equipped with clean ingredients.

Looking for a more temporary solution?

If you’re looking to color your hair without dying it.  Menfirst Pomade  brings natural-looking results, temporarily darkening your white/grey hairs.  Menfirst Darkening Hair Pomade is a pomade that styles and colours your hair for a day out. The product shines in a different light due to its exceptional ingredients that include vitamin E and antioxidant properties that help you style your hair and calm all that frizz for a lovely evening out.

The right styling products and shampoos are a great start to get you on the right track. Staying away from products with sulfate will give you a better outcome.


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